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Radon Levels and Long Term Health

Framingham radon levelsBelieve it or not, when it comes to silent intruders in your home, few can be as hostile and dangerous as radon gas. To ensure your house is safe, you should have its radon levels checked on a regular basis. Even if your home is near others that have been confirmed to be safe, you should still have yours tested since specific levels can vary widely even in a small geographic area. High radon levels can be very harmful to your family — even potentially causing lung cancer — so you should not underestimate their potential risk if you own a home.

The cost of treating someone who has serious health problems from long-term radon gas exposure can be enormous, both in the short and the long term — not to mention the problem’s emotional toll. For that reason, taking all available steps ahead of time to ensure that there is nothing inside your home that could cause a serious illness or injury is extremely important.

Framingham, Massachusetts Area Radon Levels

Radon gas can be created anywhere the ground contains radioactive elements like uranium. Unfortunately, this is true almost everywhere in the world to some degree. While radon gas contamination is not an especially common problem in Framingham, it is common enough that you should take its possibility seriously. High radon levels in your home do not necessarily mean that your house is built on top of a toxic waste dump. The elements that create radon as they break down exist naturally in the rock, soil and water. The radon that is produced as a side effect of their decomposition then rises from the ground into the air above. This is not a problem outdoors since the wind dissipates it quickly. In some cases, however, the gas rises underneath a house, where it can find its way inside through tiny cracks and spaces in the basement or crawlspace. If the gas has no means of exiting your house, and if this process continues for some time, the radon levels can gradually build and become toxic, even though you would never notice their presence. In fact, newer, tightly-sealed and air-conditioned homes are particularly prone to accumulating radon levels.

Inspecting for High Radon Levels

To protect your family from high radon levels, the first step is to have experts from SWAT Environmental perform a professional inspection of your home to determine how much radon gas it contains. If the radon levels are dangerously high, they will be able to implement a strategy to remove it and to prevent its return. If the air in your house receives a clean bill of health, you should still have it retested regularly, since seasonal changes and the passing of time can create a radon problem that did not previously exist. This is truly a situation in which it is better to be safe than sorry, high radon levels need to be dealt with immediately.