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Oct 14, 2013 by David R.

The installer was phenomenal. He did a professional job with the absolute minimum disruption. If I come across someone who needs radon abatement I will absolutely give them your name.

Jul 31, 2013 by Tyler M.

Thank you so much for your assistance! We are extremely happy with our new system.

Family Friendly

Jun 11, 2013 by James V.

The technician was very patient and careful when installing the mitigation system at my home. With three young children around; I was very impressed that the technician was mindful of keeping tools and materials in a safe area. He also helped me choose a location for the system that was the most practical for my home.

Highly Recommed SWAT Environmental

May 29, 2013 by Wendy M

I was very pleased with all aspects of this service. Cost was less than another company my realtor contacted and this company could not even guarantee that their system would work. SWAT guaranteed their work, installed the system one day after I contacted them, did a great job, and provided everything at a great price. I would highly recommend this company to anyone I meet in the future who needs to have a radon system installed.

Strong Work Ethic

Mar 25, 2013 by Richard C

I would recommend your company to anyone needing SWAT Environmental's service, including an new buyer that moves into our condominium development,and the builders. The SWAT installer was very courteous, knew his profession, went right to work, and finished when he said he would.

Thank You

Feb 15, 2013 by Karen R.

SWAT, you answered all my questions professionally and quickly and your radon mitigator did a great job with the installation. He worked hard and was very efficient and personable. Thank you SWAT Environmental for taking care of our radon problem so quickly and so economically.

Thanks So Much...

Feb 11, 2013 by Larry B.

SWAT 's technician arrived on time...very positive attitude..friendly. We live in a restrictive community and had been worried about the look of the vent pipe outside....the mitigator did a great job in placing it and it just fits into the house pattern. Critical because it is the front of the house...and looks good. In fact, people have walked by and not noticed it. Now that's good!! Know that we will be referring people to SWAT Environmental. There is a lot of new construction going on here...who knows on an as need basis. Thanks so much....

Great Job!

Feb 08, 2013 by Dave E.

The radon technician for SWAT called saying he would be at my home in 30 minutes. About 30 minutes later, there he was. He was friendly, knowledgeable and very efficient. I was very glad that all items needed for the job were on the truck. This makes the installation process (for me) optimum. We selected a good spot for both of us and the Tech was off to complete the job. Hours later, he explained the system and the meter. Great job SWAT Environmental!!!!!

Will pass on SWAT Environmental's name!

Jan 23, 2013 by Julie D.

Installation of radon mitigation service went just fine.When I know of someone with radon issues, I will give them SWAT Environmental\'s name and number.

Professional and Informative

Jan 02, 2013 by Sandra F.

The SWAT Environmental installer who came to do my Radon Mitigation System installation was very professional and informed me of every step of the process. I was very pleased with the appearance of the apparatus after installation. Thank You.

S.W.A.T. Environmental - A Division of Air Quality Control Agency 508-875-1900 - Framingham MA, 01701 USA 4.9 5.0 41 41 The installer was phenomenal. He did a professional job with the absolute minimum disruption. If I come across someone who needs radon abatement I will absolutely give them your na