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Monday, June 25, 2012 @ 06:06 PM
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Is Your Framingham Home Free of Radon Gas?

Radon Abatement Framingham MassachusettsIf you live in the Framingham area, there could be a dangerous intruder in your home. No, this intruder is not wearing dark clothing and a mask, but it might just as well be. The name for this intruder is radon gas, an intruder so silent and sneaky that you will never know when it might show up. Even more frightening, you will never be able to tell when it is already in your house. Radon gas is a widespread problem that has affected many families living in the Framingham, Massachusetts area. A vital question, then, both for your safety and that of your family, is: When did you last have your house’s radon gas levels checked?

How Will I Know if My Home is Infected with Radon?

Since radon is tasteless, colorless and odorless, you will not be able to recognize its presence just by walking around your home sniffing. You should not take the possibility of its presence lightly, however, since exposure to excessive radon gas levels can drastically increase your risk of developing lung cancer and other health problems. Specialized home testing kits are available for purchase at most hardware or home supply stores, although their reliability can vary to some degree. For a truly accurate reading, you should hire a professional radon abatement gas expert from SWAT Environmental to perform a professional test of your home.

What Should I Look for in a Professional Radon Abatement Specialist?

Trying to find qualified radon abatement or mitigation contractors to rid your home or office from this harmful gas is not as problematic as you might think. Just asking a few questions will give you a good idea of the reliability in question. These questions include whether they have a state license, how long they have been in business in the Framingham area and what local references they can direct you to. These are all qualities possessed by SWAT Environmental’s experts, which is why many Framingham residents rely on them to protect their homes from radon gas.

What Should I Do If the Test Finds Radon Gas in My House?

If the test finds excessively high radon gas levels in your home, you should have radon abatement procedures begin immediately. The exact steps and systems this will entail will vary somewhat based on factors like your house’s structure and layout, where it is located and how exactly the radon gas is getting inside. SWAT’s abatement specialists can analyze all of these factors for you to determine the best solution for your home. Active soil depressurization, which helps prevent the gas from entering your house from the ground in the first place, is a commonly used and very reliable solution in many situations. Regardless of the exact solution SWAT’s radon abatement experts determine is necessary in your situation, however, the most important thing is simply to take the steps necessary to ensure that your family is protected.